When your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt!

thumbs-upSharp Market Intelligence has helped companies of all sizes take the right action at the right time. Our work provides the input and foundation for your decisions, reducing risk and avoiding surprises.

As steel magnate Henry J. Kaiser said, “When your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt!”


Changing direction

“As a result of this study, we are re-evaluating our product design to better meet customers’ needs, and also rethinking the overall marketing strategy. We now see clearly the customers’ needs, market size, competitors’ weaknesses, a pricing strategy and, very importantly, new opportunities that were not apparent to us prior to the study.”

Ronald R. Varesco, General Manager, CWP
Berkshire Hathaway Group (a Warren Buffet company)

Comprehensive results

“The skill and thoroughness of your research methods and comprehensive results in terms of accurate data and information are unmatched by others in the industry.”

Robert M. Tucker, Program Manager
Handley-Walker Company, Inc.

Incisive analytical approach

“…excellent and thorough investigations. Their attention to detail and incisive analytical approach make short work for the smart executive decision-maker.”

Dr. Tim Gerrity, Director, Office of Technology Transfer
University of California, Riverside

(for a project for the US Navy)

Right on target

“Thank you for your usual excellent effort. The material was right on target…and I remember when you bailed me out at Yamaha!”

Paul Beswick, Director of Marketing
BW/IP International, Inc.


“Overall, your organization exceeded our expectations and delivered a benchmark product on a shoestring budget. Bravo!”

Dan Brazelton, Dean
Sinclair Community College

Quick and substantive response

”…your quick and substantive response…allowed Nissan senior management to make a most-informed decision…”

Robert E. Birdwell, Director
Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation

Received more than expected

“We hired Sharp Market Intelligence on very short notice to conduct a study of the Security Market…What we received was considerably more than we expected.”

SharRon Mahaffey, Manager
Mitsubishi Electronics America

Valuable resource

“Sharp Market Intelligence has been a valuable resource…providing quick and comprehensive answers.”

Pam Schulz, VP Marketing
MicroComputer Accessories, Inc.

Secret weapon

“Ms. Sharp became a…’secret weapon.’ …The results of her work profoundly enhanced the value of counsel that we delivered to our client.”

David T. Gering, CMC, Principal
The Gering Group

One of the best professionals in the business

“…received the report on time and we are happy with it.  I really appreciate that you were there to help us, on such a short notice and on such a tight deadline, while being as professional and reliable as usual.  I think that you are one of the best professionals in the business. It is a pleasure working with you.”

Yves-Michel Marti, Principal
The Baconian Company
Paris, France