Competitive intelligence you can use to make the best decision—the first time

Sharp Market Intelligence has developed sophisticated, creative, and multi-pronged techniques that delve far beyond traditional and online sources. Just 25% of business information is available online (if you can find it) and most is not strategic, future-focused, or sufficiently specific.

Most investigations necessitate conversations with the right people who have a deep understanding of what’s true today, what’s changing and where the opportunities/gaps are. This takes time and communication skills to ethically uncover what you won’t get from market research or spreadsheets.

Business today is more complex than ever, often requiring a more inclusive understanding of what you’ll confront. We explore the entire competitive environment that affects your business, including competitors, customers, government regulations, suppliers, other industries, distribution, demographics, and more.

If existing studies and reports are available that address your issues, we share them with you.

A Sharp focus on your goals

We assemble a team of researchers and analysts from our pool of experts to best conduct your investigation. Depending on your needs, our customized research will:
• Detail market drivers
• Identify fastest growing/hot markets or products or features
• Develop deep competitor profiles
• Uncover changes, trends, discontinuities, opportunities/threats
• Analyze, organize and summarize market/industry information
• Track sales, growth and trends
• Evaluate product or service lines
• Report sales by segment, material, application or other attributes
• Explore substitute, unknown or emerging products
• Map distribution channels
• Describe customers (target, emerging, and niche)
• Reveal competitors (direct, indirect, substitute, and emerging)
• Define keys to success and barriers to entry
• Indicate the likelihood of new vendor interest

A comprehensive look at your competition

In addition, we study your major competitors’:
• Sales, market share, trends
• Product offerings
• Positioning/niches
• Strengths/weakness
• Overall, marketing, or pricing strategy
• Profits and/or most profitable line
• Company orientation (i.e., technology or market focused)
• Anticipated M&A activity
• Alliances, joint ventures, partnerships
• Financial profiles

You will receive a customized report or presentation focused on what you want to know—the exact evidence you need to move forward (or leap ahead).