Treat your team or conference attendees to a smart, spirited, Sharp session

FEBRACORP - FÓRUM DE INTELIGÊNCIA DE MERDADO 2013Audiences consistently give Seena Sharp top marks for both content and delivery. She ranked first among 87 speakers at an international competitive intelligence conference and received a standing ovation from a 400-person audience in Brazil. Program offerings range from keynotes to 45 minute presentations to full-day interactive workshops.

One of the best: “We truly enjoyed your presentation, and as a matter of fact, it was one of the best we have had in many years!” (Event organizer at City Club Los Angeles)

Incredibly valuable: “My team came up with more innovative and big outside-of-the-box ideas in one session than we had in the past year. Seena helped my leadership team develop exciting new ideas. Her enthusiasm and clarity—and intuitive ability to guide a brainstorming discussion—made this meeting incredibly valuable. ” (From a CEO at a senior executive retreat.)

Different approach: “I’ve attended many presentations and training and really liked her different approach and point of view. Ranked 10 for professional value, 10 for value to company, 10 for pace of presentation of materials.” (Industry group)

Outstanding: “Seena’s presentation was outstanding and she received high accolades from all. Everyone walked out knowing much more than they would have ever anticipated.” (Mastermind group)

Valuable perspective: “She kept our interest, was well organized, extremely knowledgeable and geared the talk specifically to the audience. Seena practices what she preaches: it was evident in the valuable perspective she shared with us. Kudos to her for a job well done!” (Industry group)


Fabulous: “Her presentation can be summed up in one word: fabulous. Seena is very very knowledgeable and down to earth, and I learned a lot. Her way of looking at things is different and I think it was an absolutely outstanding presentation.” (Annual international strategy conference)

A revolution: “When I saw your lecture in Brazil, it started a revolution in my mind! Thank you!” (Audience member comment four years after the Brazil event.)

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