Seena Sharp is media’s go-to source for competitive intelligence expertise

Seena Sharp, founder of Sharp Market Intelligence, has been interviewed by dozens of newspapers, magazines, and audio programs. Reporters and producers count on her for jargon-free, engaging discussions of how any business can use her techniques.

Podcasts, Webinars and Radio

Outthink, Outsmart, Outperform With Competitive Intelligence (above)
LexisNexis and American Marketing Assn Webinar Dec. 10, 2015

KFNN: Business for Breakfast (5 min.)

Enterprise Radio: Millennials: Why They’re Crucial to Your Business Growth (14 min.)

Enterprise Radio: Helping You Make Smarter Decisions (18 min.)

Enterprise Radio: Competitive Intelligence Advantage with Seena Sharp (12 min.)

Michigan Business Network: Attract Customers and Boost Sales (24 min.)

Michigan Business Network: How to zero in on customers you might not even know are customers (24 min.)

Money for Lunch Radio with Bert Martinez  (14 min.)

The Small Business Advocate with Jim Blasingame: Claiming the competitive intelligence advantage 

Publications and Blogs

C-Suite Magazine: Sharp Insights About Business Decisions and Competitive Intelligence (PDF)

Cooperative Intelligence blog: Competitive Intelligence Advantage book review

Intelligence Briefing: View from the Trenches (PDF)

The Marketing Fray: Competitive Intelligence Guru Seena Sharp

The RivalFox blog: An Interview with Seena Sharp: Wrestling Singlets and Prison Phones – Competitive Intelligence Case Studies You Need to Read

Seena has been featured in these publications along with many other local, regional, trade and national media outlets:

Bloomberg Business
Business Insider
California Business Review
Conference Board
Dallas Morning News
Director’s Monthly
Harvard Business Review
Leader to Leader  (founded by Peter Drucker)
The Los Angeles Times
Nation’s Business, Inc.

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