Seena Sharp wrote the book on competitive intelligence

book-advantage Competitive intelligence reduces uncertainty by delivering the strategic knowledge and foreknowledge necessary for better business decisions. It saves money or makes money—every time.

Seena Sharp has been delivering this message—and practical techniques for turning information into intelligence—for 30 years. That’s why John Wiley & Sons commissioned her to share her expertise in Competitive Intelligence Advantage: How to Minimize Risk, Avoid Surprises, and Grow Your Business in a Changing World.

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Praise from business experts

Seena Sharp’s colleagues are vocal in their support for her definitive book on using CI for market due diligence:

“After reading this book, you will see your business differently, because you will see the world differently.” —Steve Moya, consultant and former Senior VP and CMO, Humana, Inc.

“Seena Sharp has done it again! This incisive book and her no-holds barred style ring true. Every executive needs to learn about CI from the master.” —Paul Kinsinger, Professor of Business Intelligence, Thunderbird School of Global Management

“Savvy business owners and managers must read Sharp’s insightful book before making another big decision. The top expert in the field has written a compelling and extremely readable book.” —Jane Applegate, business columnist and author

“Many people view this discipline—mistakenly—as a numbers and facts game. Sharp knows how to do intelligence better than any other company in the business.” —Steve McIntosh, CEO, Research on Demand, Beijing

“By identifying sources of new information to help grasp an understanding of the changing marketplace and by identifying available sources of intelligence about trends and future markets, Sharp’s remarkable book will help small and large business owners keep ahead of their market. They can learn to ride the wave of continuous change rather than be engulfed by it.”—Don Bushnell, Professor Emeritus and Founding Dean, Fielding Graduate University.

More than 80 5-star ratings on Amazon

Amazon customers have given this book five-stars more than 80 times—more than any other book on competitive intelligence. In fact, 98% of Amazon readers rate it four or five stars.

“This book is a gem. It is a rare book that I would recommend equally to senior executives and students thinking about a career path, but this is such a book.” —R. Steele

“This is one of the few business books that give you clear examples of what works, what doesn’t and what you can do about it.  Yet the best part is that the author is teaching us to think— to use our common sense and to think beyond our usual patterns.” —L. Morley

“This is not esoteric or egg head stuff. It is in-the-trenches management 101 for everyone who needs to compete in today’s crazy markets.” — J. Haskell

“Thanks to Seena Sharp’s insightful book, ‘competitive intelligence’ will likely become the business ‘buzz word’ for this new decade. Companies that embrace the total concept of competitive intelligence will enjoy the most certain pathway to success.”—R. Reece

“I have bought and read many competitive and business intelligence books, and this book is one of the best. The content is not only about the “what” of CI but also has solid examples and resources for how to solve certain problems.”—Wu Chau

“This is one of the most concise yet broad-reaching books I have ever read on the subject, giving the new or experienced analyst a state-of-the-art understanding of competitive intelligence in the enterprise. She focuses on a final goal of better decisions and improved competitiveness, and takes you down to the details of getting a CI function into your organization.” —E.Garland

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One recipient said “Your topics remind me of the book Freakonomics.”

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